Teacher of Higher Education Institution: Culture of Communication and Education as Pedagogical Component of Image

  • G. Ye. Girnyk Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Ivano-Frankivsk
Keywords: educational and communicative culture, self-development and self-education, educational proces, , educational image


The article is devoted to the problems of educational and communicative culture formation of higher medical educational institution teacher, which is essential for the success of teaching process. Modern  psychology  and  pedagogical science consider  the relationship of  teachers and students to be a special social-psychological phenomenon and an important component of the whole educational process of training in higher education. The fact that teaching students is a subject both of learning and education and is effective only if the student wishes to be an active participant in the educational process and self-improvement is outlined. The basic task of the teacher is to help students become active participants of educational process and ensure conditions for the realization of  their potential. Optimization of the learning and teaching processes is to develop professional techniques in order to prepare students for self-improvement of their knowledge and skills for future professional activity, depending on the features of the collaboration between students and teachers as a factor in the educational process.


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