Interactive study as a method of cooperative groups studying “Orthodontics” at the ІV course of Faculty of Dentistry according to Credit-Modular System

  • A. D. Babenko The Department of Pediatric Dentistry Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Ivano-Frankivsk
Keywords: credit-modular system, faculty of dentistry, orthodontics, method of cooperative groups, interactive form of education


Interactive education is a special form of teaching that provides the best conditions for intellectual growth and success of the students. The management of the interactive education includes formation of clinical situations, role games, resolution of the problems based on analysis of clinical situations. The method of cooperative groups is a part of interactive education. We have introduced the method of cooperative groups as part of the lesson “Final module control № 2” for students of ІV course at the faculty of dentistry in order to improve knowledge consolidation in “Orthodontics”. The conduction of the final module control by such method also enables to assess the student’s knowledge gained during the semester as well as develop clinical approach. The results of interactive technologies using method of cooperative groups at the Department of Pediatric Dentistry demonstrated the increase in students’ motivation to study and revise the topics of final module control, increase in the level of the material awareness, formation of communication skills, the ability to develop the questions, correct the colleagues regarding the issues of treatment or diagnosis, mastering of practical skills and as a result improvement of professional aptitude. Therefore, we can assume that implementation of different technologies of cooperative education is essential in professional training of the future dentists. 


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