Model of Preparing Fifth-Year Students for Licensed Examination “Krok 2. Dentistry”

  • I. R. Kumhyr Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University
Keywords: licensed integrated examination, test control, testing


The system of licensed integrated examinations “Krok 2” is a complex of methods and means to assess and determine the level of knowledge and professional competence of future dentists and is an integral part of the final certifying examination.

            In the IFNMU during practical classes tests with emphasis on tasks similar to those in “Krok 2” are used in addition to oral recitation – the evaluation of practical work. The key to successful completing the licensed exam is the use of tests included in the databank of testing center during practical classes and final module controls.

            The rectorial control which is intended to assess the level of students’ knowledge on both separate discipline and basic dental subjects with subsequent generalization and analysis of students’ readiness for the licensed examination as well as to form risk groups is a special form of the internal control.

                  Thus, the stage-by-stage performance of these steps can ensure success in the licensed integrated examination “Krok 2” for dental students. Rectorial controls and advisory classes intended to work with high-risk students allow us to improve the exam preparation as well as to achieve better results for the university.


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