Duration of Clinical Stages of Implant-Supported Fixed Dentures Manufacture with Screw-Retained Solid Abutments

  • E. V. Diiev SI “Dentistry Institute of Ukrainian National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, Kyiv
Keywords: dental implants, screw-retained solid abutments, time and motion, standard time, dentures


The article indicates that implant-supported fixed restoration with screw-retained solid abutments is the way of prosthetic rehabilitation of patients with different dentition defects. One of the uncertain legal status reasons for this kind of orthopedic surgery is the lack of institutional regulations of time for their performing.

The objective of research was to establish time standards for an orthopedist for manufacturing of implant-supported fixed structures with screw-retained solid abutments.

Materials and methods of the research

The object of research was a clinical process of dental orthopedic care in case of implant-supported fixed structures with screw-retained solid abutments manufacturing.

Scope of research involved the structure, sequence, duration and scope of the appropriate orthopedic care.

The standard time for the manufacturing of such structures by dentist-orthopedist is determined after appropriate time and motion research as the sum of duration of each prosthetic unit manufacturing in the structure of the prosthesis according to the nature of the working time spent on its production using the formula ST = Tc + K x Tcc.

Results of the research

9 orthopedists made prosthetic appliances to 9 patients to whom 7 bridgeworks and 8 single crowns using screwed solid abutments were manufactured on 22 implants. Time and motion observations and the subsequent mathematical calculations of their work showed that the clinical process of implant-supported fixed dentures with screw-retained solid abutments manufacturing consists of 6 clinical stages during which constant time expenditure (Tc) of orthopedist constitute 165.73 minutes on any construction, and changeable-constant time expenditure (Tcc) comprises 31.24 minutes for a single crown and 47.47 minutes on bridgework with 2 foundations, therefore Tcc on 1 foundation in the prosthesis is 23.74 minute.

Thus, the time standard for the manufacture of a single crown TS = Tc + K x (Tcc) = 165.73 min + 1 x 31.24 min = 196.97 min, where K is the number of single crowns. The time standard for the manufacture of a bridgework is TS = Tc + K x Tcc of 1 foundation = 165.73 min + 2 x 23.74 min = 213.20 min, where K is the number of bridge supports.

Conclusions. Time standard of orthopedist for implant-supported single crown with a screw-retained solid abutment manufacture for a particular patient is 196.97 min, and for the manufacture of bridge with two such foundations is 213.20 min.

When manufacturing such single crown or bridgework with a different number of structural elements for one patient several, the appropriate correction coefficient (K) corresponding either to a number of single crowns or to the number of bridge foundations is required to be used.


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