Changes in Densitometric Values in the Comprehensive Treatment of Generalized Periodontitis in Patients with Osteopenia

  • Iryna Yarmoshuk Ivano-Frakivsk National Medical University
  • Mykola Rozhko Ivano-Frakivsk National Medical University
  • Lubomir Pelekhan Ivano-Frakivsk National Medical University
Keywords: generalized periodontitis, osteopenia, osteoplastic material, antiresorptive drug


The issue of surgical treatment of patients with generalized periodontitis and osteopenia is particularly topical. Numerous studies have confirmed the benefits of surgical treatment procedures using osteoplastic material to stimulate repair process of periodontal tissues. 

The objective of the research was to improve the effectiveness of surgical treatment of patients with generalized periodontitis and osteopenia through the combined use of osteoplastic material and antiresorptive drugs in the preoperative and postoperative periods.

93 patients underwent treatment and clinical observation. The patients were divided into three groups. Group I included 20 patients who underwent surgical treatment according to conventional procedure. Group II included 25 patients who underwent surgical treatment with local application of osteoplastic material “Easy Graft”. Surgical treatment in Group III (26 patients) was conducted using osteoplastic material “Easy Graft” and antiresorptive drug “Bonviva”. Experimental group consisted of 22 apparently healthy individuals. The obtained results indicated that surgical treatment using osteoplastic material and antiresorptive drug contributes to the most significant positive effect determined according to the dynamics of densitometric values. 

Combined use of osteoplastic material “Easy Graft” and antiresorptive drug “Bonviva” leads to stable process stabilization being confirmed by densitometric study indices both in early and in remote postoperative period.


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