Ensuring the Quality of Higher Education Under Current Conditions

  • Andriy Kostyshyn Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Ukraine
Keywords: Innovative Activity, Teaching Methods


Abstract. In the present conditions, especially during a pandemic, higher education requires academic staff to master and implement innovative methods of teaching and learning based on information programs, knowledge transfer systems. The tasks of interactive educational forms are as follows: awakening students’ interest; motivating students to solve the problem under study; effective mastering educational material; independent searching for the methods and options how to solve the educational task; interactions between students; teamwork skills; tolerance for any point of view; forming students’ own opinion, life and professional skills; reaching the level of student’s conscious competence. After analyzing our research, we can state that interactive learning creates an environment of educational communication, which is characterized by openness, equal-footing interaction of participants, accumulation of mutual knowledge, that provides high motivation, strength of knowledge, creativity, sociability, active life position, preservation of individuality, freedom of expression, mutual respect.

          This paper examined the current problems of innovative technologies and teaching methods in modern higher education, as the tendency to humanization and humanitarization of the content of medical education has intensified, new academic disciplines have been introduced and, consequently, the need for academic staff, who could provide an innovative approach to implementing these trends during the educational process, has been increased. It is significant that today teachers are able to create and implement their own innovative methods. In addition, the paper focused on the safety of the educational environment of higher education. Information security is especially important, as nowadays the information media have an extremely big impact on the student environment.


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Medical Education