Training High School Teachers for the Formation of Research-Oriented Student’s Personality

Keywords: Teacher, High School, Research Orientation, Student


The objective of our paper was to highlight the roles and responsibilities of research supervisors; to reveal the structure of training teachers for the formation of research-oriented student’s personality; to identify psychological and pedagogical features of didactic technology in developing the research potential of a personality; to characterize the system of experimental models underlying this technology.

Improving the preparation of students for research activities is extremely relevant at the present stage of socio-economic development. To ensure the effectiveness of developing research-oriented personality of a future professional is possible due to the optimization of teacher training system. It includes important scientific and practical tasks such as ensuring the scientific and creative worldview of an individual and their ability to introduce the latest achievements in science, as well as to develop and implement innovative technologies, to contribute to the accumulation of the spiritual, cultural, scientific, technical, and economical potential of the state. An analysis of the recent studies that have begun to solve this issue allows for outlining the following directions of its study:

  • developing the methods of creating scientific creativity of students;
  • covering the means of training high school teachers for implementing person-centered approach;
  • disclosing the functional and methodological aspects of professional culture formation in high school teachers.


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