Long-term Clinical Results of Treatment of Periodontal Tissue Diseases in Teenagers and Young Adults Who Smoke


Diseases of periodontal tissues rank second among dental pathologies after caries and constitute an important medical problem. According to the modern concept, periodontal tissue diseases arise under the influence of many causes, both local and general in nature. The harmful habit of smoking is a manageable risk factor that causes diseases specific to smokers, and also contributes to the occurrence, deepening and progression of dental diseases, such as periodontal tissues. Therefore, the issue of developing effective schemes of a complex of therapeutic and preventive measures for teenagers and young adults who smoke is urgent.

The aim of the study is to study the long-term results of the clinical effectiveness of the proposed complex treatment of periodontal tissue diseases in teenagers and young adults who smoke.

Materials and methods of the study. To achieve the goal, changes in periodontal tissues were studied immediately after treatment and in the long term in 114 teenagers and young adults aged 15 to 24, who were divided into groups: 26 people who regularly smoke traditional cigarettes were included in the first group; group II - 22 people, who smoke Vapes; in the III group - 23 people who regularly smoke devices for heating tobacco (IQOSs); in the IV group - 43 people, without the harmful habit of smoking.The dynamics of the OHI-S, PMA and PBI indexes before, after and in the long term of treatment with the proposed complex were analyzed: in general - "Quertin", "Supervit" and "BioGaya ProDentis"; locally - "Stomolik" and "Holisal" in comparison with the generally accepted treatment protocol for this disease.

Results of the study. In the course of treatment, a positive trend of the studied indices was recorded in all observation groups, however, better results were recorded in the groups where the proposed local treatment was applied, which was confirmed by objective examination data. Analyzing the results obtained in the long term of treatment, it was established that the results achieved immediately after treatment slightly worsened after six months of follow-up. Moreover, worse results were registered in patients of subgroups who received generally accepted treatment, compared with patients who received the proposed complex treatment. These results indicate the high effectiveness of the proposed complex treatment, but the need to repeat the treatment and preventive actions more often after six months.

Conclusions. Comparison of the results of treatment of periodontal tissue diseases in the observation groups in the remote periods of treatment by various methods indicates the advantages of the proposed complex treatment and allows us to conclude about its high clinical effectiveness.

Key words: teenagers and young adults, diseases of periodontal tissues, treatment, smoking.



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