The Examination of Remodeling Processes of Hard Periodontal Tissues in Rats with Disorders of Pancreatic Incretory Function

Keywords: Acid and alkaline phosphatases, Calcium homeostasis, Bioelement panel of tooth-maxillary system, Insulin resistance, Iodine deficiency


Topicality. Pancreatic hormones play an important role in the process of remodeling of hard periodontal tissues. Violations of carbohydrate metabolism that occur under conditions of isolated insulin resistance (IR) and in combination with iodine deficiency (ID) can be the cause of dysmetabolic disorders of mineralization/demineralization physiological system of tooth-maxillary complex.

The aim. To study the changes of remodeling processes of hard periodontal tissues in rats with isolated IR and impaired glucose tolerance against the background of ID.

Materials and methods. The examination was carried on 90 male rats, which were divided into three groups: control (intact animals), group of rats with IR under conditions of adequate iodine supply, and with IR against the background of ID. The system of carbohydrate metabolism was studied by the level of insulin in blood serum, glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) of blood with the following calculation of HOMA-IR index. The processes of mineralization/demineralization were detected by the content of calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper in cementum of tooth root and alveolar process, and by the activity of acid and alkaline phosphatases in blood serum.

Results. Keeping of animals on a high-fructose diet led to the development of carbohydrate metabolism disorders (increase blood glucose and HbA1c levels, blood serum insulin, HOMA-IR index) and changes of remodeling processes in hard periodontal tissues (decrease the level of calcium, magnesium and manganese against the background of increase the zinc content in cementum of tooth root; decrease the content of macroelements in alveolar process; activation of acid phosphatase against the background of inhibition of alkaline phosphatase activity). The development of combined endocrinopathy was accompanied by more pronounced changes of studied parameters.

Conclusions. The violation of glucose tolerance against the background of ID slows down the mineralization processes of hard periodontal tissues mainly due to the intensification of osteoresorptive processes.

Keywords: acid and alkaline phosphatases; calcium homeostasis; bioelement panel of tooth-maxillary system; insulin resistance; iodine deficiency.


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