Psychological Adaptation of Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease at the Stages of Rehabilitation after Reperfusion Interventions


ischemic heart disease

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Nesterak, R. (2019). Psychological Adaptation of Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease at the Stages of Rehabilitation after Reperfusion Interventions. Galician Medical Journal, 26(1).


Psychological adaptation is a necessary component of rehabilitation of patients with ischemic heart disease. Post-infarction period is a special adaptation period for the patient, which requires a holistic approach taking into account both medical, physical and psychological components. High levels of anxiety in patients, both before surgical interventions, and in the postoperative period, worsen the prognosis that requires to improve the methods of rehabilitation.

         The objective of the research was to study the peculiarities of psychological adaptation in patients with ischemic heart disease, depending on reperfusion approaches and applied methods of rehabilitation.

         Materials and methods. There were examined 450 patients with ischemic heart disease using different methods of reperfusion interventions. Depending on the methods of rehabilitation, the patients were divided into three subgroups. The determination of levels of reactive and personal anxiety was performed at the beginning of treatment, 1 week, 1 month and 6 months after treatment.

         Results. There were revealed high levels of reactive and personal anxiety in patients with ischemic heart disease, which differed depending on the applied reperfusion interventions. The use of psychological methods at the stage of rehabilitation contributed to a decrease in anxiety levels a week after using suggestive therapy methods, and the effect of learning was noted a month and 6 months after the observation.

         Conclusions. One of the constituents of a cardiologic patient is his psychological status, namely the level of anxiety. For the effective adaptation, it is important to use the suggestive methods of therapy and training of patients. In patients, who are scheduled for surgical operation due to ischemic heart disease, a pre-rehabilitation with an individual approach is necessary.


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