Patterns of Changes in the Psycho-emotional Background in Patients with Stable Coronary Heart Disease, Complicated By Atrial Fibrillation


atrial fibrillation
stable ischemic heart disease
stress scale

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Serediuk, L., Vakalyuk, I., & Kerniakevych, H. (2019). Patterns of Changes in the Psycho-emotional Background in Patients with Stable Coronary Heart Disease, Complicated By Atrial Fibrillation. Galician Medical Journal, 26(2).


The objective is to investigate the influence of stress on the clinical and pathogenetic peculiarities of the course of stable coronary heart disease (SIHD) in conjunction with atrial fibrillation (AF).

Materials and methods. The analysis of psychodiagnostic tests, labolatory and instrumental research methods in patients with and without AF has been performed. Patients were divided into three groups: group 1 – patients with stable ischemic heart disease (SIHD) with a constant form of AF (15 patients were examined), group 2 – patients with SIHD with paroxysmal form of AF (16 patients were examined), group 3 – patients with SIHD without AF (15 patients were examined).

Results. According to the analysis of the data obtained, low level of stress was found in 6 (37.50%) patients with a permanent form of AF, whereas in patients without AF, it was observed in 1 (6.67%) person (p1<0.05) (p1 – the reliability of the differences in indicators relative to patients without AF). Moderate somatic disorder in women with paroxysmal AF was significantly higher than in the group of patients with a constant form of AF (p2<0.05) (p2 – the reliability of the differences in the indicators relative to patients with a constant form of AF). It is confirmed in patients with AF there are signs of the average stress level on the perceived stress level-10 (p2<0.05). Among the social factors that may have an impact on health are the influence of the media, the use of alcohol by relatives, the threat of unemployment for relatives and friends. These indicators were most often found in the group of patients with AF rather than without it (p2<0.05). Changes of ECG and echocardiographic parameters in all groups of patients were revealed.

Conclusion. The association of stress with stable ischemic heart disease combined with atrial fibrillation has shown that stress disorders are associated with an increased risk of atrial fibrillation and may worsen their course and predict the risk of developing paroxysm. The dependence between the severity of clinical manifestations, psychodiagnostic tests, laboratory methods, ECG and echocardiographic parameters of the heart on the course of atrial fibrillation is proved.


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