Morphofunctional Peculiarities of Endocardium of the Ventricles, Main Arteries Normally and Under the Influence of Various Factors (Literature Review)


main arteries
endo- and exogenous factors

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Sobol, L., & Popadynets, O. (2019). Morphofunctional Peculiarities of Endocardium of the Ventricles, Main Arteries Normally and Under the Influence of Various Factors (Literature Review). Galician Medical Journal, 26(2).


The article analyzes the data of literary sources about the histological and ultramicroscopic structure of the endocardium of the ventricles and arteries of various types and caliber normally, as well as under the influence of various endo- and exogenous factors. The data on changes in the structure of the endocardium and major arteries in diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, ischemia, hypoxia, infectious endocarditis, poisoning with heavy-density metal salts, and also in hypothyroidism, which has recently been considered as one of the main factors in the development of complications in the cardiovascular system.


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