Ecstasy Intake Related Coagulopathy


MDMA intoxication

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Eren, F., Inanir, N. T., Eren, B., Gurses, M. S., Ioan, B., & Gundogmus, U. N. (2019). Ecstasy Intake Related Coagulopathy. Galician Medical Journal, 26(3).


3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), substance known as "Ecstasy" among the people and used due to entertainment, euphoric and energy booster effect, is one of the famous synthetic stimulants.  22-year-old man was found as unconscious in the early morning. According to the expressions of his family and friends, it was learned that he drank alcohol until late in the previous evening and took ecstasy besides this before he died. It was reported that he was taken to intensive care unit with temperature of 41oC and death occurred 12 hours later. At autopsy in external examination, petechial and purpuric hemorrhages in purple and red color were detected on body. In internal examination, petechial hemorrhages on the surface of the heart and lungs, subendocardial hemorrhage in the heart, hemorrhage on the mucosal surface of the stomach were seen. In the toxicological analyses of the blood, Paracetamol (4870 ng/ml), MDMA (847 ng/ml), MDA (94,2 ng/ml), Lidocaine (23 ng/ml), Pantoprazole (10,5 ng/ml), Midazolam (1,83 ng/ml) were detected. The death occurred due to coagulopathy related MDMA intoxication. Here, we present a case of autopsy, clinical findings and histopathologic findings, laboratory results in medicolegal literature.


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