Effect of Methanolic Extract of Justicia Flava on Petroleum-Induced Reduced Cell Division and DNA Damage


Justicia flava

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Achuba, F. I., & Mordi, J. C. (2019). Effect of Methanolic Extract of Justicia Flava on Petroleum-Induced Reduced Cell Division and DNA Damage. Galician Medical Journal, 26(4). https://doi.org/10.21802/gmj.2019.4.5


The objective of this research was to determine the import of Justicia flava methanolic extract against petroleum-stimulated reduced cell division and DNA fragmentation.

         Materials and Methods. Ninety rats were distributed and treated as follows for thirty days: Group A - normal diet; Group B - normal feed + 100mg/kg bwt of Justicia flava methanolic extract; Group C - normal feed + 200mg/kg bwt of Justicia flava methanolic extract; Group D - normal feed + 300mg/kg bwt of Justicia flava methanolic extract; Group E  - normal feed + 250 mg/kg bwt of standard ascorbic acid; Group F -  crude oil-tainted feed; Group G - crude oil-tainted feed + 250 mg/kg bwt of standard ascorbic acid; Group H - crude oil-tainted feed + 100mg/kg bwt of Justicia flava methanolic extract; Group I - crude oil-tainted feed + 200mg/kg bwt of Justicia flava methanolic extract. After thirty days, the rats were sacrificed under chloroform sedation and the liver and kidney were collected for cellular analysis via standard protocols.

         Results. The results showed that administration of Justicia flava methanolic extract decreased petroleum-induced reduced cell division and DNA damage in the liver and kidney of experimental rats. Justicia flava methanolic extract is potent antidote for petroleum-induced DNA damage in the liver and kidney of rats.

         Conclusions. It is no doubt that ingestion of petroleum-tainted diet could culminate in DNA damage in organs and tissues of animals. However, the administration of Justicia flava methanolic extract was found to prevent this damage in renal and liver cells of experimental rats.



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