Clinical Aspects of Physiology Teaching for Ergotherapists


clinical physiology
institutions of higher medical education

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Shalamay, U., & Pobigun, N. (2019). Clinical Aspects of Physiology Teaching for Ergotherapists. Galician Medical Journal, 26(4).


Ergotherapist – is the youngest specialty in medical practice of Ukraine. The aim of higher medical educational institutions is to formulate logical, clinical thinking and effective assimilation of medical knowledge to be used by ergotherapists-practitioners. One of the main tasks of an ergotherapist is to restore the body’s functions that have been lost as a result of illness or injury, and to restore a person to a full social life (self-care, work, etc.). These specialists are working to restore the sensory and motor functions of the body, to develop new skills and abilities for the person to adapt to living in society. Achievement of the goal and performance of these tasks is impossible without knowledge of physiology, which provides the basis for the study of pathophysiology, pharmacology, cardiology, physiotherapy and other clinical disciplines. It improves the quality of study and helps to better acquire theoretical material, to master the skills of clinical physiology a competent approach in the organization of Physiology teaching.


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