The Concept of Student’s Independent Work During the Study of Occupational Diseases


student’s independent work

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Aleksandruk, N., & Stovban, N. (2014). The Concept of Student’s Independent Work During the Study of Occupational Diseases. Galician Medical Journal, 21(3), 3-4. Retrieved from


The concept of student’s independent work in terms of credit-modular system of educational process in the Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University is aimed at the development of future professional, forming him or her as someone who can not only get on their own knowledge, but also realize them according to the nowadays practical demands .

The reorientation of educatory process from the lecture and informative form to individually differentiated and student-oriented one took place in the context of  class hours reduction due to the increasing of the time for students’ independent work (50-70% of study hours).

A necessary condition for the introduction of credit-modular system of educational process is the development of scientific and methodological support for  independent student’s work and organizational methods of individual student’s work which is the major goal of the departments of our university.


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