The Peculiarities of the Surface Electromyography in Young People


surface electromyography
EMG study
the study protocol
intact masticatory apparatus

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Background associated with the expansion of market of apparatus for electromyography and a  research reports for surface electromyography (EMG) in dentistry. The aim is to study patterns and characteristics of the interference electromyography parameters depending on the conditions of the study and used equipment. The state of chewing and temporal muscles was studied in a 30 subjects aged 20-25 years with performance of chewing tests using electromyography machine "Neuro-EMG-Micro". Results of the study showed insignificant dependence EMG indices of gender and constitutional face type. So the chewing tests are higher in men than women in 15-18%. Lower amplitude observed at mesoprosopic face type, compared with leptoprosopic face type. The difference in results is likely explained by the thick layer of subcutaneous fat. The method of investigation masticatory muscles is indicative and promising in view of studying the state of masticatory muscles pathology.


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