Condition of Dental Health of Children Living in the Carpathian Region


caries intensity growth
dentoalveolar abnormality
level of dental care

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Rozhko-Hunchak, O. M. (2014). Condition of Dental Health of Children Living in the Carpathian Region. Galician Medical Journal, 21(3), 70-74. Retrieved from


A dental examination of 240 children living in the Carpathian region was carried out. Age of the examined children was 6 and 12 years. Prevalence of caries process in deciduous and permanent teeth, the intensity of increase in dental caries, prevalence of dentoalveolar abnormalities in children, activity of caries process and the level of dental care for children was studied. The results of the investigation indicated that the prevalence of caries is threatening and level of providing dental care is unsatisfactory due to the WHO estimates.



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