Correction of Endothelial Disfunction as Pathogenetic Link of Fetoplacental Insufficiency Formation in Pregnant Women with HBV-Infection


HBV- infection
endothelial disfunction

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Kurtash, N. Y. (2014). Correction of Endothelial Disfunction as Pathogenetic Link of Fetoplacental Insufficiency Formation in Pregnant Women with HBV-Infection. Galician Medical Journal, 21(4), 16-18. Retrieved from


Endothelial disfunction diagnostics of pregnant women with HBV for prevention of fetoplacental insufficiency development and as a result, of perinatal complications is an important stage of an examination of women belonging to such category. Effectiveness of suggested therapy with medications of artichoke-extract and glutargin for pregnant with HBV-infection for normalization of endothelial system indicators was proved.

The objective of the research was development and implementation of effective treatment of fetoplacental complex defects of women with HBV-infection taking into consideration endothelial disfunction.

Materials and Methods of Investigation

68 women were examined at 32-40 weeks of pregnancy. The main group included 48 women with HBV-infection and was divided into 2 groups. Group I (n=22) included women getting basic therapy, group II (n=26) included women getting both basic therapy and medications of artichoke and arginin glutamat. The control group included 20 pregnant women.

Results and Discussion. Examination of women belonging to the main group showed the encreased indicators of ET-1 levels (in 5 times) and TNF-a (in 2.5 times). At the same time PgI2 (in 3 times) was decreased indicating endothelial disfunction. After the supplemented treatment of the pregnant from group II, a decrease in endothelium work indicators was noticed, but they didn’t reach the control group’s level.

Conclusion. The perfomed examinations proved the early beginning of systematic endothelial disfunction in patients with HBV in anamnesis. Effectiveness of endothelial disfunction correction with arginin glutamat and artichoke medications was proved. 



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