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The main criteria of efficiency of educational and psychological lectures are igniting students’ interest and motivation, expressing emotional responses through surprise, paradoxicality, feeling the example, cognitive need of further independent search, impetus for professional development of future doctor under the influence of professional teacher. Modern lecture changes as a result of a significant increase in the rate of accumulating  new scientific data, growth of psycho-emotional informational tension in  students’ life, increased growth rate of updating professional technology. Interactive lecture allows combination of directive role of the teacher and high students’ activity using modern interactive technologies. Teaching the program material is carried out by enhancing students’ knowledge, both retrospective based on interdisciplinary connections and gained that are received by students during lectures and independent thinking. Efficiency of assimilating the material is considerably enhanced by the introduction of multimedia technology, the advantage of which is simultaneous use of multiple channels of students’ perception, activation of the visual channel, the ability to create dynamic, visual-based learning materials, three-dimensional visualization of learning objects and more. Information mobility, the possibility of copying and distributing improve the quality of learning.




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