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Pylypchuk, V. I. (2015). PROFESSIONAL TRAINING COURSES AS A FORM OF CONTINUOUS POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION OF SURGEONS. Galician Medical Journal, 22(1), 93-95. Retrieved from


A form of postgraduate surgical education in Ivano-Frankivsk region presupposes monthly holding a joint session of professional training courses and the regional center of the Regional Association of Surgeons. The sessions include ward rounds at the surgical department with further discussion, meeting of the regional center of the Regional Association of Surgeons, and a session of monthly professional training courses. The meeting of the Regional Association of Surgeons is aimed at highlighting modern approaches to surgical treatment. 2-3 monothematic reports are usually presented. The session of professional training courses includes report of the head of the surgical department, information, remarks, and announcements of the chief surgeon of the region, and meeting of the commission on emergency surgery where surgeons discuss each patient who died from acute surgical pathology in surgical departments of the region in detail. Monthly professional training courses consider problematic issues of surgical treatment of patients, use of modern diagnostic and treatment technologies, organization of medical service, cooperation between treatment facilities, and disadvantages of surgical treatment.

Such group activity promotes more active and productive education of surgeons, building collegiality, the ability to defend one’s viewpoints and hear the colleagues’ opinion, helps to intensify the culture of communication, responsibility for the consequences of one’s work, as well as establishes conditions for positive motivation of surgeons.



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