Postcholecystectomy Syndrome – Etiology, Diagnostics, Surgical Treatment


postcholecystectomy syndrome
laparoscopyc cholecystectomy

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Nychytailo, M. Y., Zahriichuk, M. S., Hutsuliak, A. I., & Prysiazhniuk, V. V. (2014). Postcholecystectomy Syndrome – Etiology, Diagnostics, Surgical Treatment. Galician Medical Journal, 21(3), 98-101. Retrieved from


Experience of surgical treatment of patients with postcholecystectomy syndrome from 2004 to 2014 was described. Main causes of PCES were analyzed, diagnostic algorithm was created, methods of surgical treatment of postcholecystectomy syndrome were described. Short and long term outcomes after surgical treatment of PCES were analyzed. Main prognostic criteria for PCES development were suggested. 



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