Regional Age-Related, Gender, and Geo-Industrial Aspects of the Prevalence and Clinical Course of Sarcoidosis in Patients from Ivano-Frankivsk Region



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Ostrovskyi, M. M., & Shvets, K. V. (2015). Regional Age-Related, Gender, and Geo-Industrial Aspects of the Prevalence and Clinical Course of Sarcoidosis in Patients from Ivano-Frankivsk Region. Galician Medical Journal, 22(2), 22-26. Retrieved from


The research work is related to the problem of sarcoidosis in Ivano-Frankivsk region. The objective of the research work was to study the prevalence and incidence, age-related structure of sarcoidosis. Materials and methods. Statistical data were obtained processing the medical records of 287 patients from Ivano-Frankivsk regional phthysio -pulmonary centre at the age of 18 years and older whose diagnosis of sarcoidosis was confirmed either histologically or by means of helical computed tomography of thoracic organs. Results. The average incidence index was 3.37 cases per 100 thousand people, while the prevalence index was 14.35 cases per 100 thousand people. The highest indices were recorded in Kalush and Kolomyia districts, which are considered as the territories with increased anthropogenic load. The morbidity rate in the regions with well-developed woodworking industry was subaverage, though the incidence was considerably higher in males, who are actually engaged in this field of industry. The number of males and females diagnosed with sarcoidosis was identical in the regional centre and in Kalush district, while in Kolomyia district the incidence rate was higher among female population. The study found that the peak incidence in male population was at the age of 20 to 29 years, and females more often developed the disease at the age of 40 to 49 years. The most common comorbidities included the disorders of cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Conclusions. Geographic and ecological factors have a considerable influence on the incidence, prevalence and development of sarcoidosis. In 25.0% of cases sarcoidosis leads to pulmonary failure and, as a result, reduces the quality of life and causes disablement in the population.




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