Lung Cancer Associated with Tuberculosis



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Bahrii, M. M., Klym, V. M., Lutsak, O. M., Tarasevych, N. R., Marchuk, O. V., & Varnava, N. Y. (2015). Lung Cancer Associated with Tuberculosis. Galician Medical Journal, 22(2), 59-62. Retrieved from


Tuberculosis associated with lung cancer has become a question of great importance, as the number of cases of these two diseases’ combinations increases. The lack of a unified concept of carcinogenesis in general and unclear clinical and radiographic criteria for the recognition of these combined processes in lungs result in poor differential diagnostics of lung cancer with tuberculosis. This article presents a clinical case of combined diseases. First, a tumor mass was detected in the patient, and surgery and left sided pulmonectomy were conducted. However, during histopathological examination of surgical specimens, not only overgrowth of non-keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma, but also a specific tuberculosis inflammation was found. The postoperative period passed without complications. Then the patient was discharged with recommendations for further treatment and regular supervision of phthisiologist and oncologist.




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