Three Dimensional Modeling of Metal-Ceramic Constructions of Dental Prostheses Taking into Account Various Defects of Teeth Rows


tense-deformed state
metal-ceramic prosthesis
metal-ceramic frame

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Kryvenkyi, T. P. (2014). Three Dimensional Modeling of Metal-Ceramic Constructions of Dental Prostheses Taking into Account Various Defects of Teeth Rows. Galician Medical Journal, 21(1), 14-17. Retrieved from


Objective of the research: to study the tense-deformed state (TDS) of various parts of the ceramic frames. Materials and methods: using the software programs MSC Marc we built the three dimensional models of non-removable solid bridge like prostheses, which include 3 components: dentin (tooth tissue), metal frame and ceramic layer. We applied pressure equal to 100 N, which was evenly spread on the surface of the construction. Results: having studied the dimensional models divided into elements, we found the surfaces with critical values of Mises tension and studied the impact of thickening of the metal frame on the distribution of tension in metal-ceramic constructions. We have come to the conclusion that thickening of the vestibular part of the metal frame up to 0.6 mm leads to strengthening of the construction and decreases the tension in the ceramic layer by 22% on average. Conclusions: having compared the results, received during the research, we found out that thickening of some parts of the metal frame leads to the strengthening of the construction and contributes to the prophylaxis of the defects (fragmentation and cracks of ceramic coating).



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