Quinapril Effect on Activity of Free Radical Lipid Peroxidation in Rats with Spontaneous Arterial Hypertension


spontaneous arterial hypertension
free radical lipid peroxidation

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Nahorna, O. O., & Stezhka, V. A. (2014). Quinapril Effect on Activity of Free Radical Lipid Peroxidation in Rats with Spontaneous Arterial Hypertension. Galician Medical Journal, 21(1), 18-22. Retrieved from https://ifnmujournal.com/gmj/article/view/316


There are presented the peculiarities of quinapril effect on the activity of free radical lipid peroxidation (FRLP). The activity of FRLP system was investigated in a mixed arterial-venous blood plasma and hepatic and myocardial tissue homogenates through registration of their spontaneous and Fe2+-induced weakest luminescence (chemiluminescence) using chemiluminometer. Disorder of the FRLP system activity in blood plasma, hepatic and myocardial tissues was established in rats with spontaneous arterial hypertension (SAH) compared to control normotensive WKY rats. Quinapril (10 mg/kg body weight, intragastrically, for 60 days) administered to rats with spontaneous arterial hypertension decreased arterial blood pressure in rats with SAH by 19%, normalized functional activity of FRLP system in blood plasma, hepatic and myocardial tissue homogenates.


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