The Effect of Treatment with Narrowband Uvb-Therapy and Hepatoprotectors on the Pathogenetic Elements of Psoriasis in the Presence of Liver Affection


liver functional state
complex therapy

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Virstiuk, N. H., & Voloshynovych, M. S. (2014). The Effect of Treatment with Narrowband Uvb-Therapy and Hepatoprotectors on the Pathogenetic Elements of Psoriasis in the Presence of Liver Affection. Galician Medical Journal, 21(1), 59-65. Retrieved from


There are presented the results of studying the treatment effectiveness of 95 patients with moderate severity psoriasis. Materials and methods of investigation. Basic therapy of patients with moderate severity psoriasis proved to be ineffective and to be accompanied by an exacerbation of the disease in 6 months after the treatment. The patients were discovered to have twice as high IL-23 blood content, increased sICAM-1 and MMP-9 blood content by 59.68% and in 2.68 times correspondingly in comparison with the control group. The indices mentioned above were higher in the patients with compromised liver function. It was proved that basic therapy as well as narrowband UVB-therapy practically had no influence upon the indices of thrombocyte hemostasis. Conclusion. Introduction of narrowband UVB-therapy into the therapy pattern of the patients with moderate severity psoriasis promotes a more pronounced decrease of clinic-pathogenetic links of psoriasis aggravated by compromised liver function, but it has no effect upon thrombocyte hemostasis indices. Complex therapy supplemented by glutarginum as well as maintaining phototherapy and continuous silimarinum intake assists in higher efficiency of treatment and promotes IL-23, MMP-9, sICAM-1 blood content reduction, positive dynamics of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant defense indices, thrombocyte hemostasis and metabolic intoxication decrease with improvement of long-term results in 6 months after the therapy.



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