Macro- and Microscopic Structural Features of the Cerebellar Dentate Nucleus in Humans



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Shyian, D. M. (2015). Macro- and Microscopic Structural Features of the Cerebellar Dentate Nucleus in Humans. Galician Medical Journal, 22(3), 40-43. Retrieved from


Since ancient times the study of one part of the brain - the cerebellum - has attracted the attention of many researchers, however, neither anatomy of the cerebellum, nor its function remain fully studied. The nuclei of the cerebellum, including the dentate nucleus are not sufficiently studied. The structural features of the cerebellar dentate nucleus of human in ontogenesis and its topographic and anatomic location are important not only for anatomists, physiologists, but also for clinicians in order to solve any questions relating to the pathology of the nervous system successfully.The study of the structure of the cerebellar dentate nucleus and its functional features is necessary for clinicians to elaborate rational operational accesses to its formations, and establish the exact boundaries of localization of pathological processes in the dentate nucleus of the cerebellum and adjoining white matter. In this context, the objective of this study was to establish macro- and microscopic features of the dentate nucleus of the cerebellum. The study was carried out on 340 preparations of human cerebellum using traditional and modern morphological methods: macroscopic, macro- and microscopic, morphometric, histotopographical, histological (hematoxylin and eosin staining, resorcin-fuchsin staining (Krutsay), Pat. 65245 Ukraine, the Method of Histological Staining of Nerve Fibers) and statistical analysis. Macro- and microscopic features of the dentate nucleus were established. On the series of cerebellar sections in a horizontal, frontal and sagittal planes, as well as macro-microscopic preparations of cerebellar dentate nucleus, topographo-anatomical location, shape, line size, structure and course of grey plate were established. The peculiarities of macro- and microscopic histological structure of the dentate nucleus of the cerebellum were described. Own classification of convolutions and teeth of dentate nucleus of the cerebellum was established.



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