Organization of Students’ Self-Study in Studying the Subject “Manufacturing Technology of Drugs”


students’ self-study
credit-modular system of education
manufacturing technology of drugs

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Fedorovska, M., Barna, O., & Bondarchuk, O. (2014). Organization of Students’ Self-Study in Studying the Subject “Manufacturing Technology of Drugs”. Galician Medical Journal, 21(2), 5-6. Retrieved from


Modern society development requires that specialists must quickly adapt to new working conditions, act creatively and independently. Therefore, the purpose of the work is to reveal the importance and forms of students’ self-study, its assessment peculiarity in concern with the subject “Manufacturing technology of drugs” (MTD). The article presents the components and features of students’ self-study at the pharmaceutical department under credit-modular system of education on the example of MTD. It is characterized by the specific assessment of students’ self-study during practical classes, the final module control, the performance of course projects and individual training or research. In order to effectively introduce the students’ self-study and increase the quality of MTD learning the N. Streltsova’s model is used, which consists of the following components: purposing, encouraging and motivating, informative, operational, controlling and regulatory, evaluative-effective. Thus, it is proved that the multipart introduction of students’ self-study and scientific research contributes to a deeper learning of the material and ability to implement creativity. Credit-modular system provides that not only students but also teachers who evaluate all activities of individual training or research are responsible for students’ self-study is not.



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