Character of Histological and Ultrastructural Changes in a Testicle after Bandaging of the Deferent Duct


bandaging of the deferent duct

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Hrytsuliak, B. V., Hrytsuliak, V. B., Glodan, O. Y., Polykan, M. I., & Dolynko, N. P. (2014). Character of Histological and Ultrastructural Changes in a Testicle after Bandaging of the Deferent Duct. Galician Medical Journal, 21(2), 7-9. Retrieved from


In the course of experiment on rats using histological and morphometric methods we studied peculiarities of parenchyma and testicular stroma alterations in the conditions of bandaging of the deferent duct as one of methods of contraception and provided quantitative characteristic thereof. There was established that severe lesions of the cells of seminiferous epithelium occurred in 18 % of convoluted seminal tubes of testicle after one day, and in one third of convoluted seminal tubes after 7 and 30 days. The diameter of convoluted seminal tubes and volume of intersticial cells reduced, quantity of connective tissue elements increased, which proves high sensitivity of seminiferous epithelial cells to the experiment conditions.



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