Clinical Conference as a Form of Teaching Among Interns


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The clinical training program at all departments should be directed most of all to help students to master the theoretical knowledge and skills relating to their disciplines. The clinical conference is one of the forms of educational and pedagogical process, which meets all these requirements. It is used every day. The intern on duty presents a report about the patient at the morning clinical conference. He/she makes the diagnosis and formulates a plan for examination and treatment based on certain clinical syndromes. Subsequently, the results of laboratory and instrumental methods of diagnosis are discussed. The referees and opponents are appointed. When preparing the report on a clinical case and discussing it interns should work on the theoretical material on their own. In the process of analysis of clinical cases, the teacher provides a critical analysis of these reports. At the same time he points out and explains or corrects the errors. The teacher’s pedagogical ethics and tact are very important in this process. He has to be kind and delicate. He must have the sense of the proportion of rewards and punishments, the ability to admit mistakes. Thus, clinical conference, as a form of organization of educational process, is efficient and promotes effective learning practical skills and a full-fledged clinical thinking.



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