Optimisation of Innovative and Technological Approaches to Learning the foundations of the first pre-medical aid by Pharmacy Students

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Galyuk, V. M. (2014). Optimisation of Innovative and Technological Approaches to Learning the foundations of the first pre-medical aid by Pharmacy Students. Galician Medical Journal, 21(4), 52-58. Retrieved from https://ifnmujournal.com/gmj/article/view/384


This working paper presents the current trends and peculiarities of the innovative technologies and interactive methods of learning the foundations of the first pre-medical aid by pharmacy students according to the reform of Ukrainian medical education at the Department of Surgery №1 in IFNMU. There were determined the basic directions of optimization learning process and implementation of innovative and interactive contemporary forms: problem-based learning with videos, situational analysis techniques (case studies), testing systems for assessment of student’s knowledge; organization of practical training by mastering practical skills on mannequins, in the dressing room, during patients’ admission at the injury care center, in the procedure room, and the direct work with patients under the supervision of a teacher concerning the mastering skills and professional manipulations to provide the first pre-medical aid to the patients during the pre-hospital phase. 



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