Temporal Aspects of the Quality of the Permanent Dentures: a Combination of Structural Materials


permanent dentures
metal-ceramic construction
zirconium dioxide
dental hard tissues

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Ozhohan, Z. R., & Biben, A. V. (2014). Temporal Aspects of the Quality of the Permanent Dentures: a Combination of Structural Materials. Galician Medical Journal, 21(4), 61-64. Retrieved from https://ifnmujournal.com/gmj/article/view/386


Data on the quality and duration of using permanent dentures made from different structural materials under condition of combination on the teeth antagonists were analyzed. Tribological characteristics of all metal dentures are high, but they do not meet aesthetic and functional requirements and permanent dentures with ceramic coating cause significant abrasion of the antagonist teeth. Several studies indicated that zirconium dioxide dentures do not cause any abrasion of the antagonist teeth, they are aesthetic and bioinert.




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