Morphofunctional Peculiarities of Urinary-Genital System Organs in Experimentally Simulated Conditions


general deep hypothermia

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Popadynets, O. H., Dudok, O. M., Pertsovych, V. M., Hrechyn, A. B., Shutka, L. A., Sahan, O. V., Dubyna, N. M., & Fedorak, V. M. (2015). Morphofunctional Peculiarities of Urinary-Genital System Organs in Experimentally Simulated Conditions. Galician Medical Journal, 22(3), 152-156. Retrieved from


The paper represents the results of electronic microscopic study of morphofunctional state of the structural components of the urinary bladder, prostate, testes and ovaries during the third day after exposure to cold, which was performed during the experiment on 20 mature white outbred rats and kidneys of 10 adult male rats, who were modeled hypothyroidism. In all studied organs after exposure to cold there were revealed the same type of dystrophic-destructive changes of blood vessels, urothelium, glandular epithelium, connective tissue framework, smooth muscle cells, thus angiotransformations were initiating and dominant ones. Bladder, prostate, testes and ovaries, in general, are the organs with marked thermal lability. Intrarenal blood vessels, nephrons, renal tubules and interstitia in conditions of thyroid hormones deficiency undergo edematous and dystrophic changes. 



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