Organization of Practical Training under the Conditions of Credit-Modular System for the Fourth Year Students of Faculty of Dentistry


students’ medical practical training
credit-modular system of education

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Melnyk, N. S., Plaviuk, L. Y., & Fedorov, S. V. (2015). Organization of Practical Training under the Conditions of Credit-Modular System for the Fourth Year Students of Faculty of Dentistry. Galician Medical Journal, 22(4), 140-146. Retrieved from


The article deals with the organizational problems of practical training of the IV year students of Faculty of Dentistry in terms of credit-modular system training.This form of training is important in dental specialists training. The experience of medical practical training at the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University was described. According to modern requirements the state standards of higher dental education in Ukraine were developed. They were focused not on the content, timing and organizational parameters of the educational process but on the competence first of all, that is the willingness and ability of graduates of dental faculties of higher medical educational establishments to carry out professional activities after obtaining a diploma. The medical practical training of IV year students of the Faculty of Dentistry is based on such methodological principles and professional-active approach to training process goal. The system of medical practical training organization, which was until quite recently, should be adapted according to credit-modular system conditions, namely to combine independent theoretical training with practical skills under the supervision of a teacher and doctor-supervisor. The question of medical practical training possibility during an academic year on a cumulative basis is still undecided, because the increase in the staff number and clinical site of the field-oriented department is necessary in such case. Distance learning, especially during foreign students’ training should be developed and implemented to optimize the methodological support of medical practical training.



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