Efficacy of Microelements, Antioxidants and Nitric Oxide Donators Use for the Correction of NO-Synthase System in the Myocardium of Rats with Hypothyroid Dysfunction on the Background of Combined Iodine and Selenium Deficiency


iodine deficiency
selenium deficiency
NO-synthase system
cardiovascular system

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Nykolyshyn, L. V., Voronych-Semchenko, N. M., Voronych, S. M., & Storozhuk, N. S. (2015). Efficacy of Microelements, Antioxidants and Nitric Oxide Donators Use for the Correction of NO-Synthase System in the Myocardium of Rats with Hypothyroid Dysfunction on the Background of Combined Iodine and Selenium Deficiency. Galician Medical Journal, 22(4), 96-99. Retrieved from https://ifnmujournal.com/gmj/article/view/417


The performance of NO-synthase system in the myocardium of rats with iodine deprivation, on the background of combined iodine and selenium deficiency and under conditions of iodine correction (potassium iodide); iodine and selenium (potassium iodide, selenium active); iodine, selenium, antioxidants, donators of NO (potassium iodide, selenium active, a-tocopherol acetate, L-arginine hydrochloride) was analyzed in the article. The development of hypothyroid dysfunction was detected to be accompanied by inhibition of NO-synthase system in the myocardium, mainly through inducible NOS. Potassium iodide and selenium active had positive influence on the metabolism of nitric oxide in the myocardium. This could be the result of restoration of thyroid gland functional capacity. The introduction of a-tocopherol acetate and L-arginine hydrochloride was accompanied by increase in constitutive NOS activity. Comparative analysis of experimental research on the capabilities of hypothyroid dysfunction correction on the background of microelements imbalance using potassium iodide, simultaneous administration of selenium and potassium iodide, involving a-tocopherol acetate and L-arginine hydrochloride to the scheme of correction confirms the importance of individual approach to the prevention and correction of thyroid disease manifestations.



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