Changes in No-Synthase Activity in Liver Homogenate of Rats with Hypofunction of the Thyroid Gland on the Background of Microelementosis


hypofunction of the thyroid gland
iodine deficiency
liver gomogenate

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Guranich, T. V. (2015). Changes in No-Synthase Activity in Liver Homogenate of Rats with Hypofunction of the Thyroid Gland on the Background of Microelementosis. Galician Medical Journal, 22(4), 41-43. Retrieved from


This research highlights the study of changes in NO-synthase activity in liver homogenate of rats with hypofunction of the thyroid gland (HTG) on the background of combined iodine and copper deficiencies. Rats of both groups were kept on iodine-deficient diet for 45 days and received merkazolil with drinking water until the 15th day of the experiment. Copper deficiency was induced by daily addition of d-penicillamine to drinking water (cuprenil, 100mg/100g body weight, for 21 days). It was established that in HTG secondary to iodine deficiency the positive tendency to activation of NO-synthases in liver gomogenate was observed. The combined deficiency of microelements caused their reliable activation by 50.6-85.8%. Thus, changes in NO-synthase system in the liver were more expressed in HTG secondary to combined iodine and copper deficiencies rather then in iodine deficiency.



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