Morphofunctional peculiarities of temporomandibular joint and masticatory muscles in hypothyroidism


temporomandibular joint
masticatory muscles

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Voyanskyy, R. S., Sahan, N. T., Popadynets, O. H., Dutchak, U. M., Pertsovych, V. M., Marchuk, O. D., Dubyna, N. M., Dmytrenko, A. S., & Hryshchuk, M. I. (2015). Morphofunctional peculiarities of temporomandibular joint and masticatory muscles in hypothyroidism. Galician Medical Journal, 22(3), 207-210. Retrieved from


The work is devoted to the study of ultrastructural organization peculiarities of temporomandibular joint and masticatory muscles during the 21st day of the experimental hypothyroidism, which was modeled in 20 white outbred male rats. There were revealed dystrophic changes in the walls of blood vessels, connective tissue elements of the capsule and articular surface of temporomandibular joint and in striated muscular fibers of masticatory muscles and their endo- and perimizium. The results of this work can be used to optimize the ways of treatment and prevention of arthropathy and myopathy in hypothyroidism.


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