Morphofunctional changes in the mucous membrane of the palate and cheek, gums and salivary glands in hypothyroidism


mucous membrane of the palate and cheek
salivary glands

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Ananevych, I. M., Barchuk, R. R., Repetska, O. M., Popadynets, O. H., Sahan, O. V., Pastukh, M. B., Pertsovych, V. M., Dubyna, N. M., & Marchuk, O. D. (2015). Morphofunctional changes in the mucous membrane of the palate and cheek, gums and salivary glands in hypothyroidism. Galician Medical Journal, 22(3), 211-214. Retrieved from


The paper represents the results of electronic microscopic study of morphofunctional state of the structural components of mucous membrane of the palate and cheek, greater salivary glands, gums during the 21st day of mercazolilum-induced hypothyroidism, which is modeled in 15 mature white outbred rats. In every studied organ there were found the same type of degenerative changes in the blood vessels, epithelium, and connective tissue framework. Thus, pathological changes are based on both vascular and connective tissue alterations that potentialize each other. Taking into account the pronounced reactivity of the studied structures, it is reasonable to study the dynamics of morphofunctional transformations phasing in order to find possible methods of prevention and timely correction. 



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