Clinical Peculiarities of Recurrent and Chronic Bronchitis in Children (Part 1)


chronic bronchitis
recurrent bronchitis
clinical features

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Makian, M. V., Harhaun, V. A., & Maidannyk, V. H. (2015). Clinical Peculiarities of Recurrent and Chronic Bronchitis in Children (Part 1). Galician Medical Journal, 22(4), 48-52. Retrieved from


Subjective manifestations in children with recurrent and chronic bronchitis were the subject of the research.

The objective of the research was to evaluate the main clinical manifestations of recurrent and chronic bronchitis, analyze risk factors and preconditions for their occurence in children.

Materials and methods of research. The comprehensive clinical and anamnestic examination of 120 children with bronchopulmonary pathology at the age of 3 to 18 (average age was 10.5±1.1 years) was conducted. There were 80 patients with recurrent bronchitis, 30 – with chronic bronchitis and 30 healthy children of the same age. Detailed assessment of complaints and clinical manifestations of disease in exacerbations and remissions of the pathological process was provided, past medical history and case history were analyzed with identification of main diagnostic criteria for each nosology and risk factors, preconditation for their development and progression. A number of symptoms observed in recurrent bronchopulmonary pathology were singled out. They included nonspecific toxicity syndrome (fever, weakness, atony, decreased appetite, fatigue) (in 85.2% of children with recurrent bronchitis and in 91.3% of children with chronic bronchitis), respiratory failure (up to 50.0% of children with recurrent bronchitis and almost in all with chronic bronchitis) and cough (90.0% of children with recurrent bronchitis and in all children with chronic bronchitis). Some differences in the clinical picture of bronchitis with recurrent and chronic course in children were determined and their clear dependence from the stage of the disease was shown. Such knowledge will allow to use a differentiated approach to treatment and prevention of patients with different clinical types of bronchitis.



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