Immunological Blood Parameters in Infected and Noninfected Biliary Peritonitis


infected and noninfected biliary peritonitis
immunological research

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Bilookiy, O. V., Rohovyy, Y. Y., & Bilookiy, V. V. (2015). Immunological Blood Parameters in Infected and Noninfected Biliary Peritonitis. Galician Medical Journal, 22(4), 123-127. Retrieved from


This work deals with the study of immunological blood parameters in infected and noninfected biliary peritonitis.

Materials and methods. 55 patients with infected and noninfected biliary peritonitis were examined. There were 21 men and 34 women at the age of 28-74 years. 14 patients suffered from noninfected biliary peritonitis, 41 patients suffered from infected biliary peritonitis. The control group included 12 practically healthy persons.

Results. The development of noninfected biliary peritonitis was characterized by increased immune reactivity with further formation of primary immune response.

Conclusions. Infected biliary peritonitis was characterized by further strain of reserve capacity of the immune system with the formation of secondary immune response and creation of preconditions for immunodeficiency. 



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