Methods of Teaching Orthopedic Dentistry to English-Speaking Dental Students in IX-X Semesters


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Orthopedic dentistry deals with the diagnosis and treatment of defects in dental hard tissues, dentition defects, illnesses of the periodontal tissues and dentofacial deformities using modern constructions of dentures and splints. The study at Ukrainian medical higher education institutions, the IFNMU in particular, is based on the Bologna principles one of the requirements of which is the acquisition of practical skills and the ability to work independently. One of the main directions of teachers’ work should be the assistance in transferring theoretical knowledge to practical use. 

The acquisition of practical skills by students at the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry starts in the 2nd study year when learning propedeutics and ends in the 5th study year with pre-graduate internship. We have published the textbook in English to help students prepare for their lessons better. It focuses on practical work and clinical laboratory methods of manufacturing dental prostheses. High-quality acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills by students in semesters IX-X is a prerequisite for successful work of future dentists. 



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