Features of Determination of Parameters of Masticatory Function in Patients with Dentition Defects and Dentoalveolar Deformities


orthopedic treatment
dentition deformities
chewing efficiency

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Kovalyuk, A. V., & Ozhohan, Z. R. (2016). Features of Determination of Parameters of Masticatory Function in Patients with Dentition Defects and Dentoalveolar Deformities. Galician Medical Journal, 23(1), 61-65. Retrieved from https://ifnmujournal.com/gmj/article/view/489


The objective of the research was to improve the efficiency of diagnosis of dentoalveolar deformities based on the study of clinical peculiarities and parameters of chewing efficiency in different groups of people.

            Materials and methods. The results of clinical examination of 98 patients of different ages (20 to 59 years) with dentition defects are presented in this article.

            Results. The objective study using statistical methods showed a difference in parameters of chewing efficiency between patients with dentition defects of various localization with co-existent dentoalveolar deformities. There were established some factors which develop in parallel with the change in the parameter of chewing efficiency, namely the degree of displacement (chewing ability of the teeth-antagonists reduces in case of reduction in their contact area), the state of the periodontal tissues of displaced teeth (the ability to cut, nibble or crush food reduces if pathologic tooth mobility occurs), trophic level of the teeth that are deformable or surround the area of displacement (chewing efficiency reduces if innervation and blood supply are absent).

            Conclusions. The results indicate unreliable indicators obtained when using standard statistical method for determining the efficacy of chewing in patients with dentoalveolar deformities, the severity of the clinical picture of periodontal status and high rates of pathologic occlusion in these people.



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