Experimental Studies of the Ability of Pharmacopoeial Excipients to Release Pharmacologically Active Substances when Developing Dental Dressing


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wound healing

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Haioshko, O. B. (2016). Experimental Studies of the Ability of Pharmacopoeial Excipients to Release Pharmacologically Active Substances when Developing Dental Dressing. Galician Medical Journal, 23(1), 72-76. Retrieved from https://ifnmujournal.com/gmj/article/view/491


The biopharmaceutical studies have undoubtedly proven that pharmacopoeial excipients based on polyethylene oxide, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and apple pectin can release pharmacologically active substances and produce pharmacopoeial excipients in the form of ointments and pastes. The dynamics of diffusion of biologically active substances in agar gel within 6 hours of the experiment was practically the same in all samples. The least significant changes in samples consistency and preservation of paste-like consistency were observed in pharmacopoeial excipients based on pectin indicating the advisability of its application in the specific medium of the oral cavity.




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