Features of studying the module “Fixed Prosthodontics” by Third- Year Students of the Faculty of Dentistry


fixed prosthetics
dental patients
aesthetic prostheses

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Khopta, R. M. (2016). Features of studying the module “Fixed Prosthodontics” by Third- Year Students of the Faculty of Dentistry. Galician Medical Journal, 23(1), 102-104. Retrieved from https://ifnmujournal.com/gmj/article/view/499


The need for aesthetic properties of dental prostheses except the requirements for strength and long-term functioning has appeared in modern patients. This has led to appearance and application of new technologies. The fixation of dental prostheses and their use is also very important because patients prefer fixed prostheses. Therefore, the unit of Fixed Prosthetics as a part of Prosthetic Dentistry study starting from the third course is an integral part of students learning in order to restore the integrity of patients’ dentomaxillofacial system. It also includes mastering the skills of dental examination with the use of the basic and the special diagnostic methods, making impressions which students get during all sections of the Prosthetic Dentistry. According to the curriculum the module “Fixed Prosthetics” consists of 105 hours including lectures, practical classes and independent extracurricular work.


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