Role of Clinical and Genealogical Analysis of Genealogical Trees in the Gynaecologist’s Practice


cancer of female reproductive system organs
genealogical tree
familial cancer syndrome
medical-genetic counselling

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Paliychuk, O. V. (2016). Role of Clinical and Genealogical Analysis of Genealogical Trees in the Gynaecologist’s Practice. Galician Medical Journal, 23(1), 114-120. Retrieved from


The results of medical-genetic counselling introduction are presented in the article basing on the results of the questionnaire survey of 750 females during general gynaecological admission in order to reveal the families with tumour pathology aggregation. The analysis of clinical-genealogical data of the females from such families determined that malignant tumours association in their families corresponded to familial cancer syndrome (Lynch syndrome II) or hereditary cancer. Basing on the results of complex clinical examination of 73 probands who had malignant tumours aggregation in their genealogical trees, malignant and premalignant processes in female reproductive system organs were detected. The obtained data indicated the effectiveness and reasonability of questionnaires as a simple screening method during gynaecological admission to reveal the families with tumour pathology accumulation and to plan further extended individual examination for females from such families aiming on timely detection and treatment of benign pathology of female reproductive system organs and cancer development prevention.


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