Improvement of Mucogingival Osteoplasty Effectiveness in the Treatment of Patients with Severe Generalized Periodontitis by Means of Periosteum Multiple Penetration


generalized periodontitis
periosteum multiple penetration

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Piuryk, V. P., Ohiienko, S. A., Piuryk, Y. V., & Ohiienko, T. Y. (2016). Improvement of Mucogingival Osteoplasty Effectiveness in the Treatment of Patients with Severe Generalized Periodontitis by Means of Periosteum Multiple Penetration. Galician Medical Journal, 23(2), 18-23. Retrieved from


Periodontal diseases take the lead among all dental diseases. The severity of the disease, frequent relapses and complications lead to the decrease in patients’ quality of life, difficulty in mastication and speech pathology, significant social and economic loss. Classical periodontal Cieszyński-Widmann-Neumann surgery in modern interpretations solves many problems in the treatment of patients with generalized periodontitis of II-III stage. However, a number of issues including the use of periosteum ossific function for osteoregeneration require improvement. Therefore, new treatment regimens should be developed.

The objective of the research was to develop an effective method of bone repair and to determine its effectiveness in the surgical treatment of patients with generalized periodontitis of II-III stage by improving Cieszyński-Widmann-Neumann surgery. Radiological, echoosteometric research methods, index assessment of periodontium state, roentgenomorphometric indices were used.

The developed method of periosteum multiple penetration promotes bone formation as evidenced by radiological and osteometric research results. Under the influence of the developed treatment the positive dynamics of index assessment of periodontium state was observed. Periosteum multiple penetration improves mucogingival osteoplasty effectiveness in patients with generalized periodontitis of II-III stage.



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