Methods of State Qualification Certification of Medical College Graduates in “Pharmacy” Specialty


State qualification certification
theoretical training
practical training
practical training centers

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Botsyurko, Y. V., & Sikoryn, U. B. (2016). Methods of State Qualification Certification of Medical College Graduates in “Pharmacy” Specialty. Galician Medical Journal, 23(2), 86-88. Retrieved from


The article presents the basic directions of state qualification certification of medical college graduates in the specialty 5.12020101 “Pharmacy”. In order to improve practical and theoretical training of graduates at the departments of pharmacy, department of organization and economy of pharmacy and technology of pharmaceuticals, chemistry of pharmaceutical faculty practical-training centers were created enabling students to improve the practical skills in various areas of pharmacy. State certification was conducted on the base of training success, assessment of the quality of graduates’ solutions of the tasks provided by educatione and qualification characteristics and level of competency to solve activity problems that may occur. State qualification certification was conducted in the form of comprehensive qualifying examination including theoretical and practical stages. Theoretical stage included the assessment of theoretical material of vocational and practical subjects using the method of computer complex testing.

During the practical stage pharmacist’s skills and quality of solving typical problems of the future professional activities according to production functions were assessed. Passing the State qualification certification students showed deep knowledge and professional mastering of practical skills. Prospective pharmacists consistently, correctly and logically did tasks, associated theory and practice, easily coped with practical tasks, explained their decisions, demonstrated the diversity of skills and techniques fulfilling practical work. State final exam assessed practical skills, theoretical knowledge of graduates, demonstrated the ability of future professionals to work in pharmacy establishments.



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