Some Aspects of Palliative Medicine Teaching to the VI-Year Students of Medicine Faculty


palliative medicine
VI year students

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Kryzhanivska, A. Y., & Diakiv, I. B. (2016). Some Aspects of Palliative Medicine Teaching to the VI-Year Students of Medicine Faculty. Galician Medical Journal, 23(2), 89-91. Retrieved from


The study of oncology in medical schools is very important because whatever a doctor will be in the future, at some point he will have to deal with oncologic patients. Patients with incurable diseases in general and with tumors in particular constitute the majority of patients who need palliative care. Features of this branch of medicine require special training, therefore Palliative Medicine is taught as a separate course of higher medical education program to VI year students of the Medicine Faculty. It is important to draw the students’ attention to the study of the basic statements and principles of palliative medicine in the treatment of oncologic patients and to form a clear understanding of the need for palliative care and the ability to determine its scope in patients in case of the impossibility of definitive treatment. 



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