Clinical Aspects of Combination of Aesthetic Fixed Orthopedic Appliances


orthopedic appliances
occlusal surfaces
zirconium dioxide

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Ozhohan, Z. R., & Biben, A. B. (2016). Clinical Aspects of Combination of Aesthetic Fixed Orthopedic Appliances. Galician Medical Journal, 23(2), 112-116. Retrieved from


The article presents the results of examination of 80 patients with aesthetic fixed orthopedic appliances. The state of the occlusal surface of fixed orthopedic appliances as well as the occlusal contact surface area was studied. The occlusal surfaces were made of ceramics and zirconium dioxide. The surface area of occlusal contacts was studied using 3Shape Dental System since computer occlusiography provides the most accurate results. Physical examination indicated a higher level of ceramic occlusal surface abrasion compared to zirconia occlusal surfaces.



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